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Giant Rabbits Are Taking Over Fargo

Pest or potential pet?

Pest or potential pet?

Fargo, ND – The rabbit population in Fargo-Moorhead is spiraling dangerously out of control. The herbivore hare is making its presence known to the point of them becoming a cuddly-wuddly new pest in our area.

These stuffed-animals-come-to-life are migrating to a shrub near you. What were once only seen on a rare occasion have now become an everyday event as rabbits roam free throughout town; darting in and out of bushes near sidewalks and city streets.

Fargo resident Lindsey Goetz has witnessed the epidemic firsthand:

“Bunnies are taking over Fargo. They are as big as medium-sized dogs.”

West Fargo resident and friend of animals Cody Marthaller is a proud contributor to the issue of overpopulation:

“True story. I have four jackrabbits bigger than small dogs visit my backyard. I’m probably the reason for such rapid breeding from all the food they are eating from my backyard.”

The larger-sized rabbits are getting aggressive—competing with squirrels for real estate. They can be overheard facing down the tree rats; barking at them like some kind of possessed Easter mascot.

I found this little rascal hopping around on a sidewalk outside the Atomic Coffee in Moorhead. He seemed to have either lost his way or had been kicked out of his nest for being a runt 🙁

Small at first...

Small at first…

If this isn’t an adorably cute indication that the rabbit population is out of hand, I don’t know what is.

The Observer urges you to take in one (or twelve) of these furry friends as a means to combat this fun-sized, adorable issue. Feed them crickets and grass. Pet them and hug them (if you dare). Love them. But remember: if these wild animals feel cornered, they become surprisingly defensive and violent. Happy hunting!