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Fargo Man Accused Of Illegally Cloning Dachshunds For Profit

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Just imagine, hundreds of Dachshunds all named Pickles!

Fargo, ND – Mr. Clemont Dill of rural Fargo is being charged with the illegal cloning of a Dachshund.

He supposedly has cloned his favorite dog, Pickles, over 250 times.

Mr. Dill claims that Pickles has won many Best-In-Show awards and that he simply wanted to make some extra cash by selling Pickles to others.

At $200 per clone, Clemont would pocket roughly $50,000.

Unfortunately, cloning Dachshunds is a felony under North Dakota law.

Mr. Dill’s attorney is insistent that his client is completely innocent of all charges, although he does agree that there are many Dachshunds on the Dill property which all look exactly the same and who all respond to the name Pickles.