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Poetry Contest Could Be Your Ticket

Write and send us a poem.

Eastern West Fargo, ND – Your FM Observer has unanimously voted to sponsor another poetry contest!

Simply gmail us a rhyming poem you’ve written, preferably about your self.

Based on the quantity and quality of responses, this will possibly affect the quantity and quality of any possible prizes.

Winning poems might be published on our award-winning website.

All poems will be read at our upcoming Poetic Getogether along with a small variety of snax and sundries.

If this-all somehow speaks to your inner poet, perhaps this is your big ticket.

If you’ve been waiting for your train to leave the station, maby it’s time for you to rhyme!

>> Our gmail address is: FMObserver

Fargo’s Most Famous Poet Tries To Explain His Best Works

Sir Nedley Graves looks back over his incredibly poetic career while sitting on his Fargone porch supping tea and scones.

Fargo, ND – Nedley Graves is known far and wide as probably thee most famous poet to ever call Fargo, ND his home.

His whole life has been spent writing poetry to the extent that his home is so full of it that it was specially zoned as a historic library of major literary significance, so say his fans and critics alike, from butte to coast.

Nedley Graves’ poems come almost entirely to him from his dreams, spoken to him through some sort of divine communication system known only to those who reach the pinnacle of success as has been achieved by Sir Nedley Graves.

Unfortunately, most don’t have a fricking clue what his poems are about and leave many readers of his most-finest works scratching their collective heads as to what the hell is being conveyed.

Nonetheless, poems of this caliber only seem to come along once, perhaps twice or thrice, in a lifetime and this is the reason why Nedley Graves is considered to be among Fargo’s finest when it comes to excessively excelling.

Here is just a sweet taste of one of Nedley Graves’ most famous poems which is simply entitled: Be-Dwelkered Dreams

Be-dwelkered dreams coarse happenstance
Upon my charmanst filter of life’s light
Gridden through and through what I mistook
For fraid temprons glowing from my firey bon

Carpathoned spokes unspoken to our laird
Unsquared by merely morsald chambermaids
Unsquizoned paths to pay in fields of maise
Whilst we chase down our feelings underlow

A top poetical critic named Sir Charles J. Bastion recently wrote of Nedley Graves’ life’s works: “It seems like it is really great stuff but nobody I’ve ever encountered has any fracking guesses as to what the flying flock these poems are about! I personally think his whole body of work is one giant crock of shit, but would never admit that on the record. This is off the record, right?”

If you are a huge Nedley Graves fan who would like to nibble scones and sup tea with Fargo’s supposed poetic master while he tries to explain some of his so-called better poems and attempts to translate them into reality, please call or email our Office of Literary Arts for dates, times, and perhaps even some rhymes.

Today Is National Haiku Poetry Day!

Write a 5-7-5 haiku today and tomorrow.

Write a 5-7-5 haiku today and tomorrow.

West Fargo, ND РYes, it is once again National Haiku Day!

These are those short 5-7-5 syllable poems that made China famous.

We here at the FM Observer use haiku poems as our standard default method of inter-office communication each and every day.

We’ll show you some of our haikus if you show us yours.

To get the ball rolling, here are some of our haikus, on this National Haiku Poetry Day:

Line one of haiku
We’re into line number two
Third and final line

This is a haiku
Now it is almost over
How did you like it?

Are you ready yet?
Tomorrow is not today
Become the sunrise

My dog is Fido
And my cat’s name is Felix
My car is Otto

A pair of Shih Tzus
It seems like a great idea
After many beers

If you drink and drive
Make sure that what you’re drinking
Is just H 2 O

If fences don’t work
Then why do they have a fence
Around the White House?

Sanders and Clinton
Both stand for Big Government
Hello George Orwell

Went 2 math camp once
8 equations 4 dinner
Number of friends there

This is a haiku
It is almost finished now
Let’s write another!

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