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Iconic Downtown Fargo Theater To Be Converted Into Condos

The Fargo Theater sign will happily remain but the theater will sadly become condos.

Fargo, ND – The famous Fargo Theater in Downtown Fargo will soon be turned into unique upper-floor condos while the valuable ground level space will serve as much-needed parking for its residents.

The iconic Fargo sign and the large theater marquee, which have recently become the symbol for the City of Fargo, will remain as a historical reminder of its past glory.

“Because of Netflix, people just don’t go out to see a movie like in the old days,” says Dr. Sagendorf Toothacre who is heading up this somewhat controversial transitional downtown project.

Dr. Toochacre says many of the items from the old theater will be auctioned off or somehow recycled.

The organ pipes will be turned into different sized bird houses, while the beautiful stage curtains will be made into couch pillows and sold at auction to raise money for Global Warming.

Ironically, all of the letters in Sagendorf Toothacre can be converted into: Fargo Theater Condos!

Dr. Pepper Advises All His Patients To Drink More Soda Pop

Dr. Pepper says when it comes to drinking healthy, the more the better, mmkay?.

Pepper Pike, OH – Dr. Pepper, who’s become a well-known physician throughout the country because of his promotion of health on his television show, is encouraging all his patients to drink more soda pop.

“In the North they drink pop and down South they call it soda, but wherever you live and whatever you call it, you need to drink more of it,” preaches Dr. Pepper, while examining a patient.

Studies show that soda pop is a wonderful source of sugar which provides the body with an excellent source of energy, prevents brain black-outs, instantly cures depression, raises blood pressure for those whose is too low, and helps maintain healthy looking skin, while at the same time benefiting the green environment.

Dr. Pepper sums it up this way: “There are some soda pops that are better for you than others, but I’ll leave that up to you as to which one to choose. I, personally would recommend drinking Dr. Pepper. Trust me, I’m a doctor!”


Amanda Bynes Meltdown Going Along Smoothly

AMANDA BYNES MeltdownMonday night, Amanda Bynes made a little campfire over the weekend.  What’s wrong with that you ask?  Well, it was on a random persons driveway and in a retirement community.  Totally normal.

After police arrived, they determined she needed to be on 5150 hold.  Presumably after Amanda Bynes gave them very normal and coherent answers.  Just kidding.  Her answers were so wacky she needed to be involuntarily hospitalized to get mentally evaluated.  Totally normal.

If you haven’t been following, Amanda Bynes is having a meltdown.  She has a lot of competition though if she wants to be the best of the best on celebrity meltdowns.  I mean, she has to compete with the likes of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Charlie Sheen.  This is no easy task.

Amanda Bynes is going to have to step up her game if she wishes to stand out in celebrity meltdowns.  Lighting campfires on random peoples driveways isn’t going to cut it.

Stay tuned as the © Amanda Bynes Meltdown saga is surely to develop.