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‘Noble Sheet’ Newsletter To Keep Everyone Updated, Connected, And In The Loop

Everyone is signing up for the new Noble Sheet Newsletter: The new way to stay connected!

Fargo, ND – Sign up now for the hottest monthly newsletter to hit the region since the Pony Express.

The new Noble Sheet Newsletter will freely be available to everyone for a nominal fee of $120 per year.

Not only will everyone want to sign up for this newsletter, but it may also be mandatory.

The Noble Sheet Company has as its goal to keep everyone in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area up to date on what’s happening along with all the extra information you would expect from a Noble Sheet Newsletter.

Plus, you’re invited to submit content to share with the community.

Things you can expect to find in the monthly Noble Sheet Newsletter include: events, reminders, tips, recipes, scams, news about your friends, who’s in jail, accurate future sports score predictions, and important things that directly affect you.

Unlike other area publications, one additional thing you will pleasantly notice about the Noble Sheet Newsletter: No-Bull Shit!

Future Teller “Precog” Coming To Fargo To Give Free Readings To FMO Readers

Precog exists in the present and future.

West Fargo, ND – A near and dear friend of your FM Observer is making a special trip to Fargo to do fortune tellings for our readers.

He simply goes by the name Precog because of his extraordinary abilities to pre-cogitate and pre-cognize future events and happenings.

Precog correctly predicted the bridge collapse in Minneapolis, the last dozen March Madness final four teams, the wild success of our FM Observer website, and that the Minnesota Vikings would never win a Super Bowl (until the year 2079).

Others have said that having a future-scope session with Precog is organically transformational and can actually awaken your inner consciousness like never before.

If you would like Precog to connect to your inner light, in order to feel your spiritual vibrations, and then explain what the game of life has in store for you, please sign up for our random drawing.

Each winning name selected will get a free session with Precog, which will immediately be followed by a hot-air balloon ride with Precog to any down-wind destination of your choice.

Charles Barkley Helps FMO Readers With March Madness

Unlike college, you have to do your own homework for March Madness!

Basketball, USA – Your FM Observer has asked our friend Sir Charles Barkley to help our loyal readers with their March Madness bracketology.

FMO: Sir Charles, how can you tell the difference between a winning team and a losing team?
CB: ​Well, the main difference between a winner and a loser is if they win or not.

FMO: How does this year’s tournament compare with previous ones?
CB: I think this is the hardest tournament to predict because we don’t know any of the results yet.

FMO: Why is it so difficult to pick all the winners correctly?
CB: Because the number of different combinations of winning teams is way up in the thousands.

FMO: What is the main “IF” in a basketball game?
CB: Some say “IF” is the injury factor, but I say if ifs were gifts, every day would be Christmas.

FMO: Do you have a message for the NDSU Bison fans?
CB: The best way for your Bison to do well is to use the power of the herd, by stampeding the competition down into the ground, and never look back.

Psychic Predicts Large Number Of Fargo Sinkholes To Appear In The Coming Months

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Psymon Soothsayer says: “This is the first of many chasms to come.”

Fargo, ND – A well-known psychic has predicted that Fargo will soon be riddled with many good-sized sinkholes.

Psymon Soothsayer recently went on the record with the FMObserver and prognosticated that “numerous sinkholes will soon be forthcoming in and around Fargo, with the first one to manifest itself just north of the West Acres area.”

Now that it’s happened (at the intersection of 9th Avenue South and 42nd Street), city officials are giving Psymon Soothsayer’s sinkhole prediction much more credibility.

Psome of Psymon’s other recent predictions that have turned out to be correct include:

> The Minnesota Twins would have a dismal year.
> Donald Trump would become the presumptive GOP nominee.
> Prince would unexpectedly expire without a will.
> The Rio Olympics would be moved to Zanzibar due to The Zika.

If you discover a new sinkhole in the Fargo area, please report it to the Fargo Sinkhole Hotline: 1-800-SINKHOLE.

If you end up down inside a sinkhole, it’s probably best to call 9-1-1!