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Hot New 2-Man White Rap Group Busts A Move

Hot New 2-Man White Rap Group: Killa Vanilla

Hot New 2-Man White Rap Group: Killa Vanilla

The FM Observer is proud to introduce a hot new 2-man White Rap Group to the Rap World. They are from Fargo, North Dakota and their name is: Killa Vanilla.

FMO: What are your names and how would you describe your rap?

KV: Our names are John Wilcox (left) and Nick Gilborn (right) and our rap music is best described as White Motivational Rap.

FMO: Do you have any favorite rappers that might be considered your idols or mentors?

KV: No, not really. We kind of do our own thing.

FMO: Are you planning on just being a 2-man group?

KV: Eventually we would like to add some female back-ups and call them The Waifs (as in our favorite cookies, the Vanilla Wafers, do you know what I’m saying?)

FMO: Can you give us a flavor of some of your lyrics?

KV: Certainly. Thank you for asking. Here’s a song called “I Am Losing It” which should be on our first album:

I am losing it, and I’m losing it bad, yo
Used to be happy but now I’m so sad, yo
Everyone telling me what I shood do, yo
Paint this car red, no now paint it blue, yo
Bringing in treats, hiding behind my back, yo
Cupcakes laced with crack, heart attack, yo yo, yo
Break it down brother, cuz I need a beer, yo
It’s time to go, go, cuz we are OUTTA HERE, yo!

FMO: That is amazing! How did you get the name Killa Vanilla?

KV: That name came from a song called “The Peeps In Our Hood”, which should be on our second album:

The peeps in our hood down wits us, nice to know ya
We gots the street cred and a resume to show ya
Do you know what i’m saying now Mister Gorilla
We now hava name and it be: Killa Vanilla
Trying so hard to always give our maxilla
Mascot’s in a cage cuz it a full grown chinchilla
We’re always on vacation living in a new villa
Prince Charles agrees and so does Camilla.

FMO: Well, that is very kick ass. Thanks for sharing. Have you entered any competitions yet?

KV: We signed ourselves up for the White Rap Competition down there in Dubuque, Iowa. Hopefully we can take home a 1st place trophy.

FMO: You certainly should win with such genius lyrics. The peeps down in Iowa are in for a real treat when you guys from Fargo show up. Have you written anything special for that particular competition?

KV: We wrote this one especially for the White Rap Competition. We think it could possibly break into the Top Ten White Motivational Raps. It’s called: “Break It Down For Me Sucker”, and it should be on our third album:

Break it down for me sucker cuz you know i’m the boss
Every rhyme’s a winner even when it seems like a loss
My teeth and gums are healthy even though i don’t floss
I sleep for free when i want at the local red cross
Break it down for me sucker cuz you know i be great
My sisters are lezbo but somehow i ended up straight
Waking up early and busting rhymes until late
Foreigners listen to me cuz we take time to translate
If you need any help call the Secretary of State
Break it down for me sucker, yeah
Break it down for me sucker, yeah
Break it down for me sucker, no
Break it down for me sucker, yo
We outta here.