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Olympic Shame! Live Raping In Front of Large Audience!

London – The Olympics is a sports tradition that dates back thousands of years.  It’s a great honor to be a part of.  That is, unless you are getting raped in front of a large audience.

That’s exactly what happened during an olympic wrasling match this past weekend.  The audience disgustingly just sat there, watched, and did NOTHING!  Nobody stepped forward to help these poor men.

It all started when the red guy started raping the blue guy as you can see below.  You can see the blue guy disoriented and in pain.  Struggling to free himself from the man on top trying to get into his manhole.

That’s not it however.  The blue guy gets his attacker off of his bum and in a weird and shocking turn of events, starts raping the red guy!  Was it revenge or was he turned on by being raped?  We will never know but he can be seen putting the heat on the red guy hard.

After the match, they were both seen weeping in their locker rooms.  The Olympic Committee will review these events and see if they will press charges.

In the announcers own words, “He was beaten up, battered…”  That he was.  That he was.