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North Fargo’s Ponyland To Become Largest Refugee Resettlement Camp In America

North Fargo's Ponyland to be the site of a 5,000 tent Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

North Fargo’s Ponyland to be the site of a 5,000-tent Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

North Fargo, ND – City Commissioners unanimously approved moving ahead with the rezoning of Ponyland into a Syrian refugee resettlement camp.

Workers have already begun transforming the old Ponyland into what will soon be home to 50,000 Syrian refugees living in 5,000 tents.

The new Ponyland tent city will also have 50 latrines, five mini-mosques, a special tent for free Obamacare, plus an outdoor petting zoo and an indoor ping pong activity center.

“There is not a lot of wiggle room when President Obama signs an executive order that basically demands we make this happen”, says Ponyland president Yemane Fikru.

“However, I’m thinking this will be a win/win type of scenario because North Fargo needs a boost, a shot-in-the-arm if you will, so let this be North Fargo’s big booster shot, to begin its revival, back to a thriving community just like South Fargo, West Fargo, and East Fargo.”

Lutheran Social Services Promises To Increase The Number Of Refugees Coming Into Fargo

Too much of a good thing is wonderful.

Too much of a good thing is wonderful.

Fargo, ND – Due to popular demand and overwhelming community support, Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota is vowing to dramatically increase the number of refugees being brought into our region.

Many agree that since Lutheran Social Services does such a great job of integrating these new permanent residents into our area, and since the crime rate does not seem to be negatively affected at all, the rate at which these new Americans are brought in at should be upped.

In fact, regarding our state proudly wanting to increase its rate of bringing in multi-cultural groups, North Dakota is now telling other states: “We’re upping our numbers, so up yours!”