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Vacationing President Trump Blames Democrats For Hurting His Golf Game

All the investigations seem to be affecting President Trump’s golf game.

Palm Beach, FL – While vacationing at his humble Mar-a-Lago retreat, President Trump has taken time from his executive duties to play some executive golf.

Unfortunately, his golf game seems to be suffering from all the probing investigations into his political and personal lives.

President Trump is quick to place the blame on the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi for his worsening problems on the golf course.

After a sharp snap-hook splashed into a water hazard, President Trump snipped: “Those damn Dems!”

Hopefully his golf game will somehow quickly improve before attending the upcoming golf tournament in Russia for all of the world leaders, which is being called: Puttin’ With Putin.

Obama To Send All Republicans Into Outer Space

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Obama is urging all Republicans to get on board!

Washington, DC – With his growing unconstitutional powers, President Obama is planning on executing another of his executive memos.

This time he is plotting to ask all top Republican leaders to take a “tour” of a new NASA rocket.

When all are aboard, the tour will suddenly blast off into a one-way ticket to another galaxy.

NASA spokesguy Buzz Almond says: “This is actually a pretty clever way of getting rid of all the gridlock in Washington. We need the President to be unfettered by the old traditional checks and balances. Sending all the Republicans into outer-space should really help the Obamagenda.”

If we could travel at light speed, the trip to the next galaxy would take about 150 years. But, of course, the warp-drive engines are not working, so the trip will take eons.

Unfortunately, because of threatened cuts to the rate of growth for most governmental agencies, the Republican Rocket will only be stocked with enough food for about 12 days.

Upcoming presidential executive memos to watch for are: Nationalizing all public and private golf courses, becoming one large combined country with Mexico, total government control of television and the internet, and the construction of large work camps for all who dare to oppose the Democrats.