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UND Football Team Adds Moose As Running Back To Roster In Effort To Beat The Bison

‘The Moose’ is a great running back but does sometimes have a problem holding on to the football.

Grand Forks, ND – In a last ditch effort to topple the NDSU Bison football team, the UND former Fighting Sioux have enlisted the help of an almost unstoppable running back.

As you might expect, his name is Bullwinkle and the scouting report on him says this running back is extremely hard to catch, contain, and tackle!

Bullwinkle (‘The Moose’ as his teammates affectionately call him) is believed to be from the Moose Jaw River area way up there in Saskatchewan, eh?

Coach says his coaching staff is very high on Bullwinkle and are hoping he can help bring the former Fighting Sioux a Nickel Trophy win against the mooseless Bison team.

Nursing Home Residents Shocked When Told They Must Run The Full Fargo Marathon

These residents are stunned when told that running the full Fargo Marathon is mandatory.

Fargo, ND – You can imagine the surprised shock when one of Fargo’s larger nursing homes told all of its residents that they each must run the full Fargo Marathon.

“Well, it just doesn’t make any sense! How am I supposed to run 26.2 miles at my age?” asked Mable Altenberg, who just recently turned 92 years old.

When we asked the executive directors of this particular nursing home why, they simply responded that the residents need to get out more and that they’ll each be happy about the decision after crossing the finish line.