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Twelve-Year Old Kung-Fu Brown-Belt Kicks Crap Out Of Would-Be Burglar

Man who mess with young Brown Belt end up in hospital bed. –Kung Fu Proverb

Fargo, ND – A young boy who’s been taking Kung Fu lessons since he was six years old recently “beat the living crap” out of a man trying to rob his family’s home.

Little Tommy Maddox discovered a burglar entering their back kitchen door while his parents had temporarily left the boy at home to do a quick errand.

After secretly watching the intruder walk through the dining room, young Tommy Maddox did what he had been training to do for half his life: kick the shit out of a bad guy.

Following some initial powerful kicks to the side of the trespasser’s knees, Tommy Maddox continued to pummel the now-crippled thug with a wide variety of kicks and blows to all part of his body until Tommy’s parents returned home.

When asked about his experience taking on a full-grown prowler who had evil intentions, little Tommy Maddox simply replied that “it was pretty cool” and that he would like to “visit the crook in the hospital to finish the job”.