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ND DOT Has Plans To Reduce Driver License Wait Times From 4 Hours Down To Only 3 Hours!

At the ND DOT, the depart-mental morale is high (with an emphasis on the “mental” portion).

Fargone, ND – The North Dakota Department of Transportation has been working overtime to come up with some plans to decrease wait times to get driver’s licenses and that newly mandated REAL ID.

As wait times have recently elongated to over four hours, the ND DOT wants and needs to improve customer satisfaction by improving their services.

Some changes coming on the horizon include:

• Adding one additional service window at each and every location across the state.

• Provide stronger coffee for DOT workers.

• Make the driving test a lot easier to pass by showing all the correct answers.

Just imagine only having to wait 3 hours instead of 4!

• Add new temporary satellite offices at some popular local bars so people can have a beer while waiting.

• Call the “next served” numbers in random order instead of consecutive order to give everyone an equal chance.

• Create an alternative to the mandated REAL ID…called FAKE ID.

• Hire professional musicians, monkeys, mimes, magicians, and clowns to entertain folks while they wait for service.

Emergency Counselors Now Available For Problematic Family Situations

We here at FECES are here to help you. Family Emergency Counseling Extra Services to the rescue!

Moorhead, MN – Summer means fun and family getogethers which can also lead to domestic disharmonies.

A new governMental agency called Family Emergency Counseling Extra Services (or FECES) is now here to help with an alphabet of problems including: altercations, brawls, conflicts, debates, eruptions, and fights.

If some serious disharmony breaks out during a gathering in your garage, at your lake cabin, or in a restaurant, just call Family Emergency Counseling Extra Services (or FECES) and they will professionally take care of your fecal matter.

When the shit hits the fan after the conversation turns to politics, climate change, or even gender fluidity, remember to immediately contact Family Emergency Counseling Extra Services (or FECES) to make sure everything comes out well in the end.

New Fargo Children’s Daycare Called Spookhouse

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Spookhouse to provide Care & Scare

Fargo, ND – A new theme park-style daycare service will soon be opening in Fargo.

Spookhouse Daycare will provide excellently creepy care for today’s modern youth.

Everything about Spookhouse Daycare will have a very scary edge to it.

Eerie music and bloodcurdling sounds will be continuously piped in.

Feral black cats will roam the haunted premises.

Dimly-lit bathrooms will have special blacklight 3-D goblins jumping out of nowhere.

Staff workers will dress up like graveyard ghouls and read classic ghost stories to the children at the bottom of every hour.

Spookhouse director Egore Hunchback says: “It’s going to be terrifyingly awesome!”

Other daycare themes soon to be available from the Kids-R-Us Corporation: Bootcamp, Octogon, Transgender, Waterworld, Prison, and The Moon.