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FM Observer Is Upping Our Volume And Encouraging Our Readers To Up Yours

Learn how to up the volume in your life!

Fargone, ND – Our very own Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp will be mentoring a master workshop on how to up the volume of your life.

Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp is highly respected in many regions of our region for being the most respected expert on this timely topic.

Lout wishes to share his lifetime of lessons learned on upping the volume of positive experiential life happenings even when things are seemingly seeming to wind down a bit.

If you would like a chance to win free tickets to this incredible workshop, please send $25 to our FMO headquarters and also include a paragraph about the good and bad in your life.

Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp guarantees that after attending his valuable sessions, your life will never be the same.

Expectedly, all the letters in Lout Vue-Hemp can be mentored to spell: Up The Volume!

Motivational Speaker Marv Hoppler Coming To Fargo For Some Accelerated Sessions

Dr. Marv Hoppler thinks Fargo folks need some major help and he is willing to bring it to Fargo.

Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is proud to announce that Marv Hoppler will be coming to Fargo soon to do what he is famous for: Motivational Speaking!

Dr. Hoppler has won numerous awards as one of the best motivational speakers in the country.

His focus for this upcoming visit to Fargo will be how to accelerate your life in order to get up to speed with the rest of the country.

Marv in his own inspirational words: “Compared to other parts of America, Fargo people always seem be a few steps behind as far as their Speed Of Life. This special presentation that I have planned will provide some accelerated sessions on How to Accelerate Your Life and blast off into the stratophere to reach your full potential!”

Marv Hoppler will also be autographing his latest books which are entitled: How To Harvest Your Life’s Weeds For Maximum Profit Potential!, and Move To The Front Of The Class Up There With All The Real Smart People!

If you are interested in booking your power seat at the upcoming Marv Hoppler motivational Accelerational Sessions, simply call our front office and ask for Connie. Mention the magic words “Blast Off” for an instant 10% discount on any of Marv’s marvelous motivational materials which will be sold in the back of the auditorium by members of Marv’s large staff.

Man Dies When Far-Sighted Reptile Mistakes Him For Large Rodent

Large legally-blind lizard mistakenly devours small neighbor man like a rodent snack.

Dilworth, MN – The Minnesota Animal Task Force has reported that a large reptilian pet that escaped from its steel cage gradually wandered over into a nearby neighbor’s yard where it consumed a small man.

The victim was a diminutive gentleman by the name of Dr. Nome Fletcher, a retired motivational speaker who lived alone after his entire family joined Scientology.

The reptile was a full-grown monitor lizard whose name was Mahluq, which is the Uzbeki word for ‘monster’.

The reptile’s owner, Umid Ruslan, explained that his pet monitor lizard Mahluq had always had a hard time seeing things close up as it suffered from hyperopia when Umid adopted him from the Humane Society.

Mahluq’s owner believes that his monitor lizard maybe mistook Dr. Fletcher for some sort of rodent such as a capybara or perhaps even a nutria.

“I had always wanted to get Mahluq some glasses,” said Umid regretfully, “but there’s just not a lot of places that make eyeglasses for monitor lizards.”

Bose Named Next Speaker Of The House

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Say hello to the next Speaker of the House!

Framingham, MA – Bose has been named the next Speaker of the House.

With the power vacuum left by resigning John Boehner and now unfilled by indecisive Republicans, President Obama has used his growing Executive Action Authority to name Bose as the next Speaker of the House.

Democratics agree that Bose is the¬†best and logical choice for Speaker of the House and praise President Obama’s wisdom and leadership during these difficult and unchartered times.

As Speaker of the House, Bose will be second in line to become president, after Vice President Biden.

Despite the fact that Bose is a privately held company, its stock value tripled on the news that Bose is the next Speaker of the House.