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Bowler Union Plans Multiple Strikes

Bowler Union planning multiple strikes to gain respect.

Bowler Union planning multiple strikes to gain respect.

Bowling Green, Kentucky – The Professional Bowlers Union says it is planning multiple upcoming strikes throughout the country in an effort to gain more respect from the rest of the sports world.

Spokesperson Parker Fonebone III said “it is high time that professional bowlers started getting some more respect from the curlers, fencers, and ping pong players.”

In recent years, bocce ball and cornhole have even passed bowling on the national Sports Respect rankings.

If you drive by your local bowling alley and see protesting bowlers outside, honk your horn to either:

1. Show your support for the pro-bowlers union strike, or

2. Let them know it’s time to get back to work!

Either way, they will know that you care enough to honk at them.

Massive Traffic Jams As Word Gets Out Of Hostess and Twinkies Demise

Fargo, ND – In States all across the U.S., especially Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia, massive traffic jams are causing catastrophic mayhem.

On Friday, November 16, Hostess Brands Inc announced that it will wind down the company and go to bankruptcy court after BCTGM Union strike cripples it’s operations.

Word has finally reached the homes of the disabled.  Very large and overweight disabled people on electric scooters have been leaving their homes in massive numbers causing massive traffic jams on all major interstates.  Overweight people and their electric scooters can be seen in the thousands going as fast as they can, which tops the 10mph mark, to their local Walmart to get their hands on as many Twinkies as their scooter can carry.

AFP/Getty Images

I had a chance to speak to one determined scooter rider.  While jogging next to them on the interstate I asked Marlene if it’s really worth it to leave the house as it’s dangerous outside.  Her reply was, “AHH! (mumble) MMYEA TWINKIEEEEEEEEES!!!!”

We can expect these traffic jams to continue until all Twinkies are off the shelves.