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The New Aaron Rodgers $10 Bills Are Very Popular In Wisconsin

The new $10 “Buck Rodgers”

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Folks in the cheese state are snapping up the new $10 federal reserve notes like chiclets.

After quarterback Aaron Rodgers signed his new mega-million dollar contract which runs thru 2023, the U.S. Mint in Milwaukee started printing the new Aaron Rodgers $10 bills mostly for circulation in Wisconsin.

Derck Burgos, who initiated the idea, says that cheese heads are really loving their new currency.

“Even tho Wisconsinites are loving having their beloved quarterback on the ten-spot, we don’t think people in Chicago or Minneapolis are going to go for these new bills,” opines Mr. Burgos.

Ironically, all the letters in Derck Burgos can be re-arranged to spell: Buck Rodgers!

Space Farce Soon Recruiting Members In Fargo

Welcome to Space Farce: The future beckons you to join up.

Force, Pennsylvania – What do you get if you combine the military with the future? The answer is: President Trump’s new Space Farce!

Have you been wanting to get away from home and go see the universe? Then consider joining Space Farce!

Are you a nobody who wishes you could someday become a major somebody? Then ponder joining Space Farce!

When you look up at the stars, do you wish others would look up to you like you’re a star? Then join Space Farce!

Do you feel like you were perhaps born to shoot laser guns at others way out in space, while doing the space walk, all while wearing adult diapers? Join Space Farce!

Is 6 your favorite number? Then it is time you join the 6th branch of the military: Space Farce!

Dennis Rodman To Receive Nobel Peace Prize

The greatest rebounding forward in NBA history has just become a world leader of peace, who’s sponsored by Potcoin.

Singapore – Former basketball great Dennis Rodman was notified before leaving Singapore that he will be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

The official declaration reads: “By bringing North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and President Trump together for their historic Singapore summit, we bestow upon you the Nobel Peace Prize.”

While wearing his MAGA cap and Potcoin shirt, Nobel Peace Prize winner Dennis Rodman cried at the idea of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr. Rodman: “I just don’t know what to say. To have had a roll in bringing this peace summit together is something I could only have dreamed of. Is this a dream? I don’t know. We’ll find out tomorrow when we all wake up.”

World-Famous Scandinavian Folk Singer Coming To Fargo

World-famous Hidah Tinkenshine will grace Fargo-Moorhead with her more than 100 hit songs from Scandinavia.

World-famous Hidah Tinkenbörg will grace Fargo-Moorhead with her more than 100 hit songs from Scandinavia.

Fargo, ND – The FM Observer is very proud and excited to announce that world-famous folk accordianist Hidah Tinkenbörg will be performing in Fargo sometime in the “very near future”.

Few singers ever achieve first-name-only status such a Madonna but Hidah is one of those lucky few who have arrived at super stardom through hard work, a bit of luck, and a ton of talent.

Ms. Tinkenbörg will be performing all of her hit songs that have taken the Scandinavian world by storm for the past four decades. Some of her most popular songs that she promises to play in Fargo include: I Love You, Let’s Sip Some Coffee, Please Play With Me, and of course her biggest hit song: Where Are You Hiding?

How did this come to pass you might ask that someone as famous as Hidah would come to Fargo? Answer: An older member of our staff recently went on a Scandinavian cruise ship and ended up sleeping with Hidah.

If you would like to win free tickets to experience the power of Hidah, please email us and include a line from one of your favorite Hidah Tinkenbörg songs. You will know if you’ve won tickets because a long white limousine will show up at your front door a few hours before each concert.