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Fargo Starts New Program To Help Juveniles Avoid Jail

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Persuasion through Dissuasion

Fargo, ND – With the upwardly mobile trend of crime in Fargo due to Global Fracking, a new program is being started to dissuade area youth from landing themselves in jail and prison.

The program is called Incarcerational Detention Improves Obstinate Teenagers (or IDIOT).

Troubled teenagers who are heading in the “wrong direction” will hava chance to tangibly experience real-life jail living while wearing a bright pink uniform labeled IDIOT.

Nominations for participation in the IDIOT program can come from parents, teachers, police, or even anonymously.

Program enrollees will get to spend anywhere from 1-6 nights in jail depending on the roll of a dice. Program Director Jack Hammer believes: “By rolling a dice to determine the length of their stay, they begin to learn they’re no longer in control.”

Before graduating from the IDIOT program, each misguided youth will learn how to do laundry, sleep with the lights on, make their beds, make other’s beds, exercise upon waking, appreciate jail food, exist without television and smartphones, and be respectful of authority.

West Fargo North Dakota Juvenile

Area Teenager Denied Access to Family Vehicle

Juvenile doesn’t get what he wants

West Fargo, ND – An area teen became visibly flustered today as a request to borrow the family vehicle was swiftly shot down by the Man of the House.  Carson Hendrickson, 16, of 2nd Street East in West Fargo had been seen by witnesses “slamming the door in utter disgust” after a simple request to borrow the family vehicle early this evening was denied without even a second thought. Carson then proceeded to WALK, not drive, to his neighbor’s house to allegedly play Call of Duty. The victim’s father had this to say in regard to the incident:

“Carson needs to learn some responsibility. You can’t just suck around the house all day doing nothing and expect to be rewarded. Besides, his mother and I are driving the vehicle to an orgy later tonight.”

The victim’s name in this story was changed to protect the innocent as this case is still an ongoing investigation.