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The Northern Fargo North Dakota

Man Proposes To Girlfriend at The Northern. Proceed To Eat Dinner By Ordering Some Fried Chicken.

The Northern Fargo North DakotaFargo, ND – The magic of love and commitment can be had anywhere.  That anywhere happened to be the Northern Gentlemen’s club located in Fargo, North Dakota this past Thursday.

Amongst the smell of fish, piss, perfume, and sweat, love is in the air.  Disco Dan, as he’s known on the street, finally manned up and proposed to his dancer girlfriend of 2 long weeks.  Disco Dan didn’t plan it.  In fact it was a spur of moment idea.

Dan was on a date with his girlfriend at the Northern, enjoying a few beers.  In fact his girlfriend is a frequent and regular dancer here.  After seeing his girlfriend slide up and down the grease pole, shaking her booty, he started to get an idea.  But it was only after seeing a five dollar bill sticking inbetween her asshole and a thin piece of string called a thong that the idea of marriage seemed like a good idea.

Dan then got up from his sticky bar seat, reached into his coat pocket, and pulled out a ring he had been carrying with him since he won it at the local Walmart vending machine.  He took the ring out of its protective plastic bubble, put it on his girlfriends hand while she was motor boating a local patron and asked the magic words, “Will you marry me?”

After putting her ass cheeks into the face of the man giving her money, she said, “YES!”

When Dan’s future wife was done dancing, the two proceeded to celebrate their new engagement by ordering fried chicken for dinner.  A wedding date has yet to be scheduled.