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“Gray Stray Cat Virus” Now Infecting Some Home Computers

Say hello to your new computer virus!

Cathead, Pennsylvania – A new computer virus called the Gray Stray Cat is on the prowl.

It silently lurks in waiting until unsuspecting computer users let down their guards.

How will you know if you have the Gray Stray Cat virus?

Oh, you’ll know! It will periodically pop its head up whilst giving you a nice long me-e-eow. Just be happy you didn’t get the barking dog virus!

How can you make it go away?

Stop giving it milk and then hire a computer-wise fourth grader from your neighborhood to carefully remove it from your infected computer.

Woman Claims Woodrow Wilson Touched Her Inappropriately During White House Visit

President Woodrow Wilson allegedly groped a female visitor at White House.

Touchet, WA – A recently deceased woman claims that she was groped by then President Woodrow Wilson whilst she was on a group tour of the White House.

Ms. Gerda Powis of Touchet, Washington wrote in her detailed memoirs that instead of a group tour, it turns out she was on a “grope tour” after she somehow ended up in the Oval Office alone with President Woodrow Wilson who was only wearing a robe.

“He groped me and proceeded to touch me inappropriately against my will when I was just a young woman,” claims Ms. Powis who lived to the ripe old age of 109.

The Woodrow Wilson Administration was not available for comment however we’re assuming they deny the entire story and brush it off as being just more poppycock fake news.

Ironically, all of the letters in Gerda Powis can be lovingly re-arranged to spell: I Was Groped!

Touch of Gray

Just For Men Touch of Gray


For only $6.95, you can keep just SOME of that gray but not all of it.  If you’re feeling lazy and only want to dye half of your hair but keep the gray, then use Touch of Gray!

When you think having just a little, or maybe just some gray, is sexy, use Touch of Gray!

Women will love you for it.  Just a little gray is in.  It’s the new summer fashion.

If you don’t have gray hair, dye your hair gray then use Touch of Gray, which leaves your head only half gray.  Do it now before this hot new summer fashion passes you by!


Touch of Gray