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Travel With All Your FMO Friends To Magical Goosey-Goosey Island!

Goosey-Goosey Island is waiting for you!

The magic of Goosey-Goosey Island is waiting for you!

Ocean Butte, Atlantic – Are you in minor need of a major getaway or vice versa?

Has your March Madness turned into March Sadness?

Looking for a trip to trump all trips?

It’s time once again to sign up for FMO’s Annual Migration to Goosey-Goosey Island!

Spread your wings and fly away to FMO’s #1 destination for relaxational challenges that most only dream about.

Flock like birds of a feather with others who share your twisted views of reality.

By signing up for our Goosey-Goosey Island Travel Package, it shows you are a person of insightful keenness of mind while also having a stout heart and an appetite for living.

Leave your smartphones, remote controls, church choir practices, and road rage behind.

Don’t worry about the travel details or dates because we always work around YOUR schedule, so there’s really no excuse not to go.

This is all about you, and all of your FM Observer friends. This is all about you experiencing first-hand the magic of Goosey-Goosey Island.

Sign up now and get a free travel packet which includes: an inflatable life jacket, some hot-hot-hot jalapeno beef shtix, an official emergency signaling mirror, and a 3-D Google map showing all the magical wonders of Goosey-Goosey Island!

For Thanksgiving, Win Your Family A Trip To Turkey!

Four free nights for a family of four at the Grand Turkey Hotel.

4 nights 4 a family of 4 at the Grand Turkey Hotel!

Fatsa, Turkey – Readers of the FM Observer are invited to submit their application for a trip-of-a-lifetime to Turkey for Thanksgiving.

In your application, briefly explain why you and your family should be selected for this most special holiday trip to the homeland of the Turkey.

The chosen winning family will stay at a 3-star hotel and provided a full turkey dinner each and every day, cooked just the way the locals have eaten it for centuries.

If it’s not raining, travel the picturesque countryside being pulled by horse on a hay wagon while being serenaded by hand-made mandolins.

Stop to purchase spices ground in mortar and pestles dating back to the Byzantine Empire.

Everything included, the trip will only cost you $3,850 per person, not including U.S. and Turkish duty taxes, and plus a 15% finder’s fee for the FM Observer.

Start packing your bags because the time is now, and the place is Turkey!

Many Fargo Dogs And Dog Owners Using Magic Mushroom Therapy To Create A Closer Bondage

Get to know your dog through Mushroom Therapy.

Get to know your dog better through the magic of Magic Mushroom Therapy™.

Fargo, ND – For dog owners wanting to create a closer bond between themselves and their dogs, Magic Mushroom Therapy™ is showing some very promising results.

Magic Mushroom Therapy™ now can safely provide you and your dog a weekend bonding experience like no other.

After sending for your Magic Mushroom Therapy™ kit, you will receive a brightly-colored box in the mail that contains everything that you will need inside.

On a quiet Friday night, first put out the sign provided in the box that says “Warning: Dog and Owner Tripping On Mushrooms”.

Then give half of the mushrooms to your dog while you eat the other half.

Use the rope provided to tie your ankle to your dog’s ankle.

(These first two steps are the beginning of your bonding experience.)

Over the next few nights and days, you and your dog will experience a wide range of fun and unusual adventures all in the privacy and safety of your own home or apartment.

Hopefully by sometime on Sunday afternoon when things begin to “settle down” a bit, you and your dog will feel much closer to each other as well as have a new-found deep trust that only comes from undergoing Magic Mushroom Therapy™ together.