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Vikings Place Sam Bradford On Injured Reserve And Activate Debra Getty-Widder

Debra Getty-Widder: NFL’s first female quarterback is more than ready to step up!

Viking, MN – The Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback controversy seems to finally be resolving itself in dramatic fashion.

Whilst Sam Bradford is heading to the Injured Reserve list, the Minisoda Vikings have signed Debra Getty-Widder who will not only be the Viking’s new starting quarterback but also the first female quarterback in the history of the national football league.

Debra was understandably unavailable for comment after fully participating in practices this week, however Coach Mike Zimmer did tell us: “Debra has done great in practice, seems to move well, and is throwing the ball very accurately. Now we just want to get everybody feeling comfortable with the new situation.”

Ironically, all the letters in Debra Getty-Widder can be re-arranged to spell: Teddy Bridgewater!

Windows 8 Updates

Owning a Microsoft Windows 8 Computer

Windows 8 Updates


Jim: Hey Todd.  Can you send an e-mail to our very valuable customer who contacted us today for me please?  My computer needs to reboot for a Microsoft update.

Todd: No can do Jim.  I’m already in the middle of a Microsoft update.  We’ll just have to contact him tomorrow.


Next day….


Jim: I have the customer on the phone but another Microsoft update popped up and it started to install itself.  Can you take this?

Todd: Sure.  Transfer him over.  Wait.  I didn’t postpone another update and now it decided to automatically install itself.  Says it’s going to restart soon.  We’ll have to call them back tomorrow.


Jim: Todd can you….

Todd: No I can’t.  I turned on my computer and updates are installing.  I have to wait until that’s done for me to get to my desktop.


Later that day….


Jim: Todd, do you kn……….

Todd: Updates….installing updates…..more updates JIM!!!  LEAVE ME ALONE!!


Next day….


Jim: Well we lost our top account Todd.  We’ll probably be out of jobs any day now.  It was nice working with you.

Todd:  Yessssssss.  Finally got back to the desktop.  What was that you were saying Jim?