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Cancellation Of UND Women’s Hockey Was Just A Bad April Fool’s Joke

UND sincerely apologizes for joking that the Women’s Hockey program had been cancelled.

Grand Forks, ND – As many expected, the recent announcement that the famed UND Women’s Hockey program at the University of North Dakota was just a complete fake-news hoax.

It turns out that the university’s decision makers simply wanted to play a big joke on the top-notch world-class Women’s Hockey program but did not think that anyone would believe it.

But unfortunately, they took the joke too far and everyone including the Women’s Hockey Team and coaches all believed the poorly-planned hoax which its perpetrators now admit was very “mean and stupid”.

Even though the UND Women’s Hockey program has actually not been cancelled, there is one bit of follow-up news that might turn a few heads: The UND Men’s Hockey program will be cancelled due to financial problems at the school, along with the fact that they recently suffered a stunning double-overtime loss to Boston University in Fargo.

North Dakota State University Bison

Whole Lot of Boner At The Summit League Women’s Golf Championship

North Dakota State University BisonKELLER, Texas  – The first round of the Summit League women’s championship took place on Monday.

North Dakota State University had four golfers finish in the top ten.  Senior Amy Anderson and freshman Hailey Boner are tied for second place.  They both managed to shoot a 76.

Currently there is a three-way tie for second place with Anderson and Boner while Knutson is part of a three-way tie for fifth place.

Women’s second round play is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Tuesday, April 23, and the final round is slated for a 10:15 a.m. start Wednesday, April 24.

Expect to see Boner awake and ready for action bright and early Tuesday morning.  I would expect to see an even more erect and pumped Boner during the final round Wednesday, April 24th.

Boner has nothing to lose.  Boner must get the swing down if she is going to impress her competitors.  Boner should expect to put fear into her opponents by the power and accuracy of her swing.

If Boner’s swing is strong and accurate, it may just intimidate her opponents enough to forfeit.  If Boner is tired and feeling limpy then it may be a long day of golf as her competitors look to pull ahead of her.

If Boner is looking to win, Boner must not forget to wash her balls.  Boner does not want her balls dirty if she is to put them in multiple holes throughout the competition.

We are really rooting for Boner and we wish her the best.  Keep that swing strong Boner!