Wedding Announcement


Mommen-Gorftaggel wedding

Blychen Mommen and Peatus Gorftaggel, Harwood, ND, will be exchanging their vows and bodily fluids this October!

Blychen is the daughter of Phipp and Joonto Mommen, Meckville, ND. Peatus is the son of Belchrod and Veela Gorftaggel, Plackers, MN.

Blychen graduated in 2009 from Meckville High and in 2010 she attended North Dakota State School of Logistic Studies. She is currently employed as a Logician at Northwood Regional Institute of Logic.

Peatus graduated in 2008 from Plackers Learning Center and Halfway House. In 2010 he attended Western Minnesota School of Hard Knocks. He is currently employed as a Clay County Beard Wrangler.

An October 11th wedding and reception are planned at Uncle Gleet’s Love Palace, Beige Sack, MN.

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