West Fargo High School Principal to Step Down and Pursue River Dancing Career

West Fargo, ND – Gary Clark has been a member of the West Fargo school administration for a number of years now.  Soon this will come to an end as Gary Clark will step down to pursue his river dancing career.

For years, Mr. Clark’s skills as a world class river dancer have laid dormant as he pursued his teaching career.  These skills have gone to waste.  Nobody knew his talents.  Family, teachers, the very kids he taught had no idea of Mr. Clarks remarkable river dancing abilities.  As time would pass, Mr. Clark began feeling more and more restless.  Longing for something more, he knew he had a calling.  Over the past couple years Mr. Clark has been honing his river dancing skills in secret and he says he is ready to take the stage by storm.

Gary Clark seen here river dancing.

Effective May 23rd, Gary Clark will retire once again from the West Fargo School Administration to pursue his river dancing career.  He can be seen on the U.S. Riverdance Tour this summer and will be teaching private and party lessons after the tour ends.


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