White House Not Returning George W. Bush’s Voicemails

Washington, DC – Former President of the United States George W. Bush is a good man. He worked hard to benefit our country while in office. He is a man of considerable pride and generosity, and recently found it in his heart to reach out to the US government headquarters that he used to call home. It is a simple, kind gesture, to call an old friend to see how they’re doing. The White House, however, doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge the attempts of the former POTUSA. White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew:

“Dubya calls here about once a week looking to shoot the shit with anyone that’s willing to talk about legos or horses or whatever he finds interesting at the time. I usually end up taking the bullet because Barack leaves his phone status set to ‘in a meeting’ literally all day long. Lately, i’ve been letting the calls go straight to voicemail lol!”

Good ol’ Dubya must not know exactly what to do with himself anymore what with not having a country to run and all. Maybe he and Rick Perry can have a barbecue or a hoedown or something like that?

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