Wishing On A Star Yields Better Results For The Rich

May 14th, 2014 | by Kitz
When you wish upon a Star

When you wish upon a Star

Cambridge, MA – A new important study out of Harvard now solidly confirms what many have suspected for years. The common practice of “wishing on a star” seems to produce much more favorable outcomes for wealthier wishers.

Harvard research director, Dr. Ollie G. Arkin admits more research needs to be done to determine exactly why such a correlation exists, but notes, “It’s clear that money plays a major role here, we’re just not sure why.”

“An average person with a median income has about a 5% chance that their star wish will actually come true,” continues Arkin. “As the income level goes up, so does the probability of a positive outcome. For example, upper middle-class wishers enjoy about a 50% chance of success. Millionaires are looking at around 90% probability. Our data pretty much ends there as most billionaires we interviewed were unaware that wishing was an activity.”

On the flip side, a person earning minimum wage in the U.S. faces a staggering 0.008% chance of having their wish granted. And, according to the study, if you make less than minimum wage, wishing on a star is considered “a total waste of time, other than for entertainment purposes.”

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