Advertising Opportunities

There are many different types of advertising opportunities on our site. A couple examples are listed below.

  • In-story text links or full banner ads
  • Direct banner advertising
  • Text ads
  • Promoted stories
  • Sponsored stories


Our site averages more than 20 unique visits a day. We are unique for certain types of advertisers in that we are based out of Fargo, ND and do many posts geared toward that audience. We also have a number of visitors from all over the United States. So, you have the option of advertising towards each of those audiences or both.

We don’t have stats such as age, sex, gender, toilet paper brand you use, or the brand of beer you like to drink because the NSA already has that info. We don’t collect that type of information from our visitors nor would we ever care to. We are a satirical comedy entertainment website so you can guess that the age of our visitors ranges from a 10-month-old drooling diaper wearer to a 120-year-old drooling diaper wearer.

There are other creative ways to advertise as well. Shoot us an e-mail if you have anything in mind and we can work something out!

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