Air Force Space Command Protesting Space Force

Not good enough anymore?

Not fast enough. Too small. Go back to watching your Star Wars movies, kid. You’ll never make it. That’s what they used to say to United States Air Force Space Command Lieutenant Gragg Bombgarden all those years leading up to his enlistment in the Air Force. They put him down, but all he wanted to do was go up.

Gragg went in as a Private some years back and worked his way up. And up and up. Until one of the highest military commands in the country demanded his services. He answered the call of the mighty Air Force Space Command as its premier lieutenant in 1993.

The Air Force Space Command, activated Sept. 1, 1982, is a major command with headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. AFSPC provides military focused space capabilities with a global perspective to the joint warfighting team. A “major” command that isn’t fast enough. Too small. Suddenly living in the shadow of a new military branch they are calling Space Force.

“The work we’re doin’ here ain’t crap. We stand by it. Did anybody tell them we exist?” Gragg’s mood turns sour at the mere mention of Space Force. He could be seen scowling at the face of Mike Pence during the announcement a couple days back.

And as a result, he’s suspending Lieutenant ops until this whole thing gets sorted out. A military strike, of sorts. The base is shutting down shop until they are given the respect they deserve.


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