Barry Manilow’s ‘No Apologies’ Tour Announces Possible Stop In Fargo

January 25th, 2016 | by Johnnny
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Barry Manilow offering ‘No Apologies’ for any of the songs he’s written.

Barry University, FL – The one and only Barry Manilow with his latest “No Apologies” Concert Tour has announced he is considering a concert tour stop in Fargo.

A few contract details still need to be ironed out such as the final price tag, and all the specific requirements for snacks in Barry Manilow’s dressing room.

FMO: Why is your concert tour called “No Apologies”?

Barry Manilow: Because I refuse to apologize for some of the songs I wrote!

FMO: Why would you apologize for some of the songs you’ve written?

Barry Manilow: Only because some people and websites are calling for me to apologize for some of the songs that I’ve written. Apparently they really do not like them and wish I’d never written them.

FMO: Do they mention which songs you should apologize for?

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Long list of required dressing room “snacks”.

Barry Manilow: I guess some of them might include: Lay Me Down, Talk To Me, Marry Me A Little, Freddie Said, The Night That Tito Played, Can’t Smile Without You, I Want To Be Somebody’s Baby, Turn Up The Radio, and I Write The Songs That Make The Young Girls Cry.

FMO: So, why don’t you just apologize?

Barry Manilow: No! I am Barry Manilow and I will apologize for nothing! I like all of my songs, including my latest one that I just wrote yesterday which is called “No Apologies”.

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