August 14th, 2014 | by Nick
Searie Challacher, Horace, gave birth to son Crogo, Cliff’s Birthin’ Shed, Friday, August 1st

Bavie & Sheppy Blucknob, both Moorhead, gave birth to daughter Iel, Cliff’s Birthin’ Shed, Saturday, August 2nd

Toi Letwaters & Trabin Pepp, Fargo, gave birth to daughter Laith in their kitchen, Wednesday, August 6th

Yertsi & Ænas Gulpmurk, Fargo, gave birth to son Hignus, Pete’s Placenta Palace, Friday, August 8th

Pappen Tagblood-Mambalry, Mapleton, gave birth to daughter Sprax while en route to bingo, Monday, August 11th

Mibla & Baggz Van GaFonk, West Fargo, gave birth to son Deej, Larry’s Labor Lounge, Wednesday, August 13th

Whai & Glorver Stinkhooks, both Harwood, gave birth to son Ribber, Sunrise Day Care, Thursday, August 14th

Congratulations, all!

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