Bruce Jenner Announcing Sect Change During Two Hour Television Special

jennerBruce Jenner, famed former Olympian and step-father to the Kardashian family, plans to announce his sect change during a television special with ABC’s Diane Sawyer. Jenner will be changing his sect from Lutheran to Methodist.

“I’ve been mulling this over for decades. It just didn’t feel right living the way I was. It felt like I was living in a different body altogether. Methodists use whole wheat, leavened communion, which resonates with my personality and faith much more than the Lutheran version of white, unleavened communion. This change is difficult for all of us…I’m happy that my family supports me through this tumultuous time.”

Sawyer’s two-hour television special is expected to discuss the detailed history of the different sects and Bruce’s internal struggle, with no less than 11 commercials segments featuring bread.