Fargo Boy Holding Helium Balloons Now Somewhere Over Michigan

March 22nd, 2016 | by Johnnny
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Parents: “If only he would have let go right away, maby we wouldn’t have lost our baby.”

(Somewhere over) Flint, Michigan – While playing with a bunch of helium balloons in the backyard, seven year old Tommy Sauerson decided to grab “just a few more”.

As the second-grader from Fargo’s Heritage Lower Skool began to lift off the ground, his parents were too busy making videos of Tommy with their smartphones to realize what was going on before it was too late.

By the time Tommy’s parents started to yell instructions to let go of the balloons, Tommy was already higher than their weeping willow tree.

Military radar has been tracking Tommy, who was last seen still holding onto his bunch of balloons, somewhere over Flint, Michigan.

Mrs. Sauerson rapped: “It all happened so fast. Now it’s in the past. How long will this last?”

Aesop’s moral to the story: You’ll lose touch with your kids if they start getting high at too early of an age.

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