Fargo Man Charged With Felony Stupidity For ‘Reply All’ Email

Freaking-OutFargo, ND – Office Police have formally charged Mr. Kenneth Noisewater with a class A felony in stupidity after his inadvertent ‘reply all’ to a company email.

Noisewater allegedly hit the ‘reply all’ button instead of a normal ‘reply’ after a mass email requesting an attendance head count to a company BBQ was sent out. Here is a transcript of Noisewater’s boneheaded maneuver:


From: Kenneth Noisewater

Sent: Monday, July 23 2013

To: All Company Employees, Human Resources

Subject: Re: COMPANY BBQ


I will be attending the BBQ this Thrusday. Thx

Kenneth Noisewater, esq



Wow. Not only did Kenneth hit ‘reply all’, but he also gifted the ENTIRE COMPANY with a typographical error (see: Thrusday). Doofus. Spell check much?? Not to mention the use of the selfishly abbreviated Thanks (see: Thx). I hope the Office Gestapo comes down on him hard during sentencing after he’s convicted of Felony Stupidity.

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