Johnnny’s Fourth Retrospective (Posts 300-400)

June 21st, 2016 | by Johnnny
My second one hundred posts.

My 4th 100 posts. Now I can build an even longer fence!

Since 400 is such a nice round number, twas decided to use the occasion of my 400th post to take a trip back down memory lane.

So, it’s time once again to look back on Johnnny’s last 100 posts on your FM Observer.

All posts are listed as clickable hyperlinks in chronological order. Enjoy!

300. Johnnny’s Third 100 Posts
301. Hillary Didn’t Even Hava Computer In Her Office
302. Endangered Sea Monkeys Found In Fargo’s Red River
303. US Military Top Secret Balloon Dog On The Loose
304. World’s Fastest Banjo Player Coming To Fargo To Do Free Banjo Workshops
305. Volunteers Needed As Fargo Seeks To Break Beer Drinking Record
306. For Thanksgiving Win Your Family A Trip To Turkey
307. Edible Cricket Farming Providing Many Fargo Families Extra Income During Sluggish Obama Economy
308. Ancient Romans Ruins Found Just South Of Jamestown North Dakota
309. With Turkey Shortage From Bird Flu Many Opting For Emu On Thanksgiving Table
310. The Ralph Engelstad Arena Being Dismantled Brick By Brick
311. New Family Fun Game For The Holidaze: Add-On Swear Word
312. Fargo’s New Party Barge To Run On Red River Yearound Thanks To Global Warming
313. Google’s New 3D Printer Can Print An Edible Roasted Turkey
314. New Tax On Christmas Trees To Go Directly To Obama Retirement Fund
315. Last Sane People On Earth Now Starting To Lose Their Minds
316. First Annual Plastic Surgery Beauty Pageant To Crown Miss Plastic America
317. Santa’s Deliveries In Jeopardy As Rudolph Has Chronic Wasting Disease
318. Jamestown Man Goes Crazy While Looking At Himself In The Mirror Too Long
319. FMO’s Dr. Willy Nilly Announces He’s Permanently Moving To Brazille
320. Wife Divorcing Husband For Christmas Shopping At A Strip Mall
321. FMO’s Suggested List For Your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions
322. Top 10 Signs 2016 Might Be A Bad Year For You
323. Oprah Wants Everyone To Join Weight Watchers Since She Owns 10% Of The Company
324. California Drought To Be Quickly Replaced By Giant Mudslides
325. Long Island Ice Tea Party Seeking Their Presidential Candidate
326. Gamecocks No Match For NDSU Bison Thundering Herd
327. Cave Exploration Not Unlike Doing A Colonoscopy
328. The New Goal When Playing Tennis Is To Lose
329. Mail Delivery In Some Fargo Neighborhoods Described As Random At Best
330. Barry Manilow’s No Apologies Tour Announces Possible Stop In Fargo
331. Big Demand For Small Hats Due To Zika Virus
332. First Fargo Robin Sighting A Sign Of Spring And Global Warming
333. The Entire Internet Will Be Down For Maintenance This Weekend
334. New ND License Plates Being Recalled Because Fonts Suck
335. Moorhead Imposes Harsh New Penalties For All Non-Recyclers
336. Thin Man Found Living Inside Fargo Family’s Chair
337. Zen Poets Group To Protest That Blank Lines Matter
338. Fargo Band Selected To Perform During Halftime Of Next Super Bowl
339. Sir Elton John Is Buying The Fargo Theater
340. Valuable Valentine’s Day Mobiles Cleverly Hidden Throughout Fargo Moorhead Area
341. Local Bank Surprised When Confused Robber Asks To Open An Account
342. Military Raising The Bar On Combat Readiness Test
343. Proposed New Downtown Fargo Parking Ramp Offers More Style Than Space
344. Cockpit Of New Boeing 797 Not Dissimilar To Giant Organ
345. Dr. Finance Explains Negative Interest
346. Try Outs Now Open For Fargo’s New Table Tennis Team
347. Moorhead Finally Changing Its Name To East Fargo
348. Rachel Maddow Announces She’s Running For Governor Of North Dakota
349. West Fargo’s War On Dogs Now To Include Deportation
350. FMO’s Final Interview With David Bowie
351. Zika Test Now Available
352. Led Zeppelin To Play For Giant Prom Dance At The Fargodome
353. All Climate Change Deniers To Be Rounded Up And Sent To Work Camps
354. Fargo To Host 55th Annual National Taxicology Conference
355. Peyton Manning Announces Formation Of Senior Football League
356. Minnesota’s Turtle Hunting Season Soon To Open
357. Pinochle Banned In The State Of North Dakota
358. Large Quantities Of Hydrogen And Oxygen Found In Fargo’s Water Supply
359. Fargo Boy Holding Helium Balloons Now Somewhere Over Michigan
360. Lime Disease Traced Back To Margarita Happy Hours
361. Top 10 Responses To FMO’s Man On The Street Question: What If The Unthinkable Happens
362. Travel With All Your FMO Friends To Magical Goosey Goosey Island
363. North Fargo’s Ponyland To Become Largest Refugee Resettlement Camp In America
364. Excitement Builds For New Fargo Diversion Theme Park
365. Delegate To Sue Party Convention Because Nobody Would Caucus With Her
366. Obama Pens Exec Order Forcing All States To Raise Min Wage To $30/Hour By 2040
367. Plans For New Clay County Jail Looking Quite Penal
368. Undercover Investigation Uncovers Underground Senior Citizen Fight Club In Fargo
369. North Dakota Unveils Its New State Flag
370. Boy Drives Entire Family Nuts Practicing Trumpet
371. FMObserver Lands Exclusive Interview With Mr. Stephen Hawking
372. Fargo Marathon Decides To Not Have One Set Route
373. Today Is National Haiku Poetry Day
374. Fargo To Vote On Changing To Either A 6-Day Or 8-Day Week
375. Newly Painted Downtown Fargo Buildings To Add Some Much Needed Color
376. Free FMO Adult Ed Classes To Increase Your Vocabulary
377. Fargo Restroom Patrons Can Use Whichever One They Want Based On How They Feel
378. Senate To Debate If Biweekly Means Twice Per Week Or Once Every Two Weeks
379. 35 Foot Snake Possibly On The Loose In Moorhead
380. April 30 Is National Chop Down Your Neighbor’s Tree Day
381. Fargo Hospital Hires First Monkey Doctor
382. Fargo Man Returns Home To Discover Demolition Crew Destroying Wrong House
383. Million Dollar Painting Vanishes During Art Show
384. Hillary Clinton Recruiting Tech Students To Host Her Email Server
385. Obama Names NDSU Bison Our National Football Team
386. Fargo Homeless Man Amasses Fortune From Penny Trays
387. FMO’s Golf Pro Shares Valuable Tips To Greatly Improve Your Game
388. Moorhead Man Lands Record Large Mouth Bass From Long Lake
389. NDSU Changing Its School Song To We Are The Champions
390. President Clinton To Hit Some Fargo Hot Spots
391. UND Having Second Thoughts About Their Name Change Decision
392. Local Restaurant Review By Nick And Johnnny
393. FMObserver Staff Personally Testing All Of The Various Dog Shock Collars
394. 2016 Rio Olympics Being Moved To Zanzibar
395. Fargo City Commission To Re-Define Integration Goals Within Zones Of Proximity
396. Justin Beaver’s Porpoise Concert Floating To Fargo
397. Fargo Summer Games To Culminate With Shin Kicking Contest
398. NDSU Hires Hairy Potter As Professor Of Spells And Incantations
399. 32 Pound Squirrel Attacks Family Picnickers In Moorhead

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