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Apple’s Smart Christmas iTree Is The Best New Thing For The Holidays Since Eggnog

Apple’s new iTree will change Christmas forever.

Apple Valley, CA – It was just a matter of time until Apple introduced their new Christmas iTree.

Now, for your Christmas enjoyment, you can have a smart Christmas tree which, of course, comes with a Siri.

This new hyper-functional iTree will change Christmas as much as eggnog did when it was first poured.

Tell Siri to change the look of your iTree randomly or at set times.

You can ask your new Christmas iTree how many presents are under the tree, provide the current total number of gifts for each person, what’s in each present, how much a present cost and where it was purchased, what is the meaning of Christmas, how many years ago was Jesus born, and what is the current value of Apple stock.

The new Apple iTree will also change the look of its lights, its size and shape, and even rotate to enhance your Christmas pleasure all while playing any Christmas music that you want.

Gather the whole family on the couch and have your new iTree take a picture or video of your Christmas happenings, and then ask Siri to contact relatives to FaceTime with others using their iTree!

There is really no limit to what your new Apple smart Christmas iTree can do except it cannot purchase itself…you will have to do that.

An Online Christmas Card You Can Send To A Friend

Merry Christmas to whomever you are!

As we gather round the Christmas tree,
Which was chopped and flocked for you and me,
We nibble on some scones and sip Chablis,
While outside it’s a dangerous one degree.

All the nicely wrapped presents that we see,
Are a result of that black friday shopping spree.
Why get one when you can afford to buy three,
Of those red candles scented with potpourri?

Christmas is a fun time of family glee,
Enhanced on Facebook with hyperbole.
Rather than giving each person a new CD,
Tis way more awesome to get a real pony!

One might suggest getting some activity,
Perhaps head out and go cross country ski.
But most would likely have to agree,
They’d rather watch football on NBC.

Tax On Christmas Trees To Go Directly To Obama Retirement Fund

caption here

Triple the cost = Triple the joy

Christmas, FL – It’s about that time of year again to go buy a Christmas tree for your ho-ho-home.

Most of Santa’s helpers will be purchasing a real tree, that died for your sins.

Others will be bringing home an artificial tree made from unknown toxic chemicals in some polluted Chinese factory.

Either way, expect the final cost of your Christmas tree to be tripled thanks to President Obama’s Christmas Tree Tax.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say for example, a Christmas tree that normally would have cost $50 will now only cost you a mere $150.

In the name of Climate Change, this past executive order by former President Obama will provide him and his family a nice, much-needed, and much-deserved Christmas bonus each and every Christmas for the rest of their lives.

Ask FMO: How To Keep Your Dog From Pissing On Your Christmas Tree

I see. A tree. I pee.

I see. A tree. I pee.

Christmas Valley, OR – A reader asks: Dear FMO, We love our dog Bruno. We also love having a real Christmas tree inside our home. But we don’t love it when Bruno pees on our tree (and presents). Is there a way to prevent this? Thanks, Yuri Nator.

Thank you Yuri for your great question. We get this particular question a lot!

There are things you can try in order to prevent this such as: putting up a fence around the perimeter of the tree area, or providing alternative spots for Bruno to go like a fake indoor fire hydrant, or you could even implement the use of a shock collar.

But unfortunately there are just certain things that simply go against the basic laws of nature, such as: we cannot stop the flow of hot lava, the Minisoda Vikings will never win the Super Bowl, and Big Government will never choose to reduce its own size.

So, the short answer to your question is: NO. But please let us know if you figure out a solution to your problem so we can share it with all the rest of our millions of readers.