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Fargo Man Impaled By Large Icicle Doesn’t Notice It Until He Gets Home To His Wife

Those large high-hanging icicles can become quite a headache!

Fargo, ND Yes, it’s that dangerous time of the year once again when large icicles are precariously hanging high above the Downtown Fargo sidewalks.

Such was the case when Mr. Ace Leidich slowly sauntered along while unknowingly entering a red-zone area with very large icicles hanging from the rooftop sixty four feet up.

Unfortunately for Ace, one of the larger and more pointed icicles suddenly broke off as he was almost directly below it.

After a two second drop, the rather large icicle got stuck in the head of Mr. Ace Leidich.

Of course, being North Dakota tough, Ace did not realize he had an icicle stuck is his head until he got home, where Mrs. Leidich casually asked about it.

Pointedly, all of the letters in “Ace Leidich” can be melted down into spelling: Icicle Head!

People’s Militia Group Votes On Proper Punishment For Downtown Fargo Jaywalkers

Unanimous vote for the death penalty to any jaywalkers in Downtown Fargo.

Fargo, ND – The People’s Militia Group which oversees the Fargo area, unanimously voted at their latest meeting for all Downtown Fargo jaywalkers to receive the death penalty.

The head of the People’s Militia Group is Janik Longway who firmly said: “Since jaywalking is a heinously problematic crime in the Downtown Fargo area, we solemnly recommend the death penalty for any and all jaywalkers.”

“Also, we strongly believe that anyone caught with a parked car on the streets of Fargo after four or more inches of snow has fallen should also receive the death penalty after their car has been quickly compacted into a small, stackable, one foot cube for easy removal.”

If you have a differing opinion on these matters, you’re invited to speak out against them at the next meeting of the People’s Militia Group.

Punishingly, all of the letters in Janik Longway can be re-arranged into: No Jaywalking!

Burning Ban Does Not Include Throwing Lit Cigarettes Out Car Windows

caption here

What’s the big deal about throwing a burning cigarette butt out a car window during a burning ban?

Fargo, ND – Moderate drought conditions in North Dakota are sparking burning bans to be implemented on both the state and county levels.

The extremely dry conditions due to Global Drying have precipitated government leaders to douse all fire-related activities until further notice.

So, using covered firepits for social gatherings, singing around the campfire, making bonfire s’mores, and controlled burns on windy days are now all considered to be unacceptable activities and could put you in the hot seat.

However, the tossing of burning cigarettes from cars is still an acceptable habit.

All drivers who smoke know that it would be such a disgusting inconvenience to have to put a smoke out in their clean unused ashtrays.

Throwing the last of a hot burning cigarette out the car window has never been considered to be littering or a potential fire hazard, even if it happens to roll off into a ditch full of parched dry brown grasses.

Cliff Uckerson says of this practice: “Yeah, it ain’t no big deal. Once I toss it out the window, it’s gone. I ain’t gunna see it again.”

With strict new burning bans going into place to prevent widespread fire disasters, it would be asking way too much to request that smokers discontinue the ritual of flicking their burning butts out the car window.

Winter Storm Xerxes Anger & Danger

usaApril14PM1Fargo, ND – When friendly folks in Fargo, North Dakota should be hosting garage sales and planting their gardens, Winter Storm Xerxes will be extending winter…with a vengeance.

While Tiger Woods is being assessed penalty strokes down in Georgia, another 10-14 inches of heavy, wet, back-breaking snow is about to be ushered into Fargo/Moorhead with up to 40 mph wind gusts.

Grocery and liquor stores have seen a tremendous spike in business during the calm before the arrival of Super Storm Xerxes.

Near blizzard conditions are expected to reek major havoc on the area from Sunday through Monday, which unfortunately is the last day to get taxes mailed at the Post Office. Olaf Larson at the Post Office said: “This here ain’t a real good deal with Xerxes arriving on Tax Day, for sure, don’t you know.”

City officials had been cautiously optimistic about the 2013 flood situation up until now, but with megastorm Xerxes about to come a-knocking, the upcoming flood fight could be a-rockin’ with a nightmare scenario of historically bad proportions.

Dr. Sumner Watkins with the National Climatological Institute says that: “April 17, 1881 was the previous record for reaching a temperature in the 50s (or greater), but that long-standing record will be shattered this year.” Dr. Watkins thinks it might not be until May when warmer temperatures arrive. “When they do arrive, the chances become increasingly good that Fargo could suddenly reach the 70-80 degree range and melt all the snow within a few days.”

Life jackets and kayaks could soon be in short supply as a late-season MegaBlizzard could morph into The MegaFlood. In the face of difficulty, Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear” (and the fear of flood).


Fargo, ND – The filthy remnants of a cleanup week trash pile containing an unknown quantity of Super AIDS is believed to be the cause of the rampant Super AIDS epidemic here in Fargo. Due to environmental concerns, a residence on 10th Street in Fargo that is home to a neurotic garbage-loving hoarder finally came under orders to evacuate the piling tons of trash built up inside. It is believed that the gigantic, black, sludgy clumps of nasty left on the yard are derived from a heinous Super AIDS reservoir scrape-away taken from beneath the basement stairwell. Now that the Super AIDS have been exposed to the outside, it has since manifested itself into an airborne pathogen infecting every living being within a 10 square-mile radius. The Observer recommends you use extreme caution to avoid the Super AIDS if and when you dare to venture outdoors. Some pertinent information on the virus:

  • The Super AIDS virus is visible to the naked eye. It looks much like a swarm of butthole-hungry gnats when approached
  • Super AIDS can fly up your nose, in your mouth or burrow itself under your eyelid or inside your genitalia
  • Super AIDS will not react to any type of disinfectant, i.e. pepper spray, bug spray, smoke or other harmful chemical. It is best to KILL IT WITH FIRE
  • Super AIDS will call you names prior to forcing itself all up in your face, bunghole or junk so if a swarm of bugs starts calling you “pissface” or “cock-munch”, RUN LIKE HELL

Please be wary of Super AIDS and its symptoms. If your face, genitals or asshole ingests a Super AID, here is what to expect:

  • Immense bloating
  • Beady, shifty eyes
  • Growling & other incoherent ramblings
  • Profuse sweat
  • Intense anger
  • Projectile diarrhea

These symptoms are, 9 times out of 10, immediately followed by explosion death. Super AIDS pretty much skips the useless “HIV” portion of infection and goes right to being horrifyingly AIDSy. There is but one known cure for an affliction of Super AIDS, and that is to sing showtunes until your asshole bleeds the Super AIDS out. Super AIDS hates showtunes. Be careful out there, you guys.