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West Fargo’s Three Lions Pub: The History Of Its Name

The Three Lions Pub is now back to its original name thanks to a dentist from Minneapolis.

West Fargo, ND – One of the finest pubs in the region is conveniently located on 13th Avenue in eastern West Fargo.

Its name is the Three Lions Pub which has become the den where many local lions like to roar, hang out, drink beer, and consume proper English food.

Regarding their unique name:

It began as Three Lions Pub until a dentist from Minneapolis shot one of the lions, so it was then renamed the Two Lions Pub.

Happily, the two remaining lions had three cubs, and the pub was then renamed the Five Lions Pub.

Sadly, after two of the grown cubs were shot by the same dentist from Minneapolis, it once again reverted back to its original name: Three Lions Pub.

New Fargo Bar/Lounge Called ‘The Peachflame’ To Exclusively Cater To Weird People

Calling all weird-ohs: Welcome to The Peachflame!

Downtown Fargo, ND – A 52nd liquor license has been granted for Downtown Fargo.

Proprietor Elwood Wierschem is planning on opening The Peachflame which will specifically cater to bona fide weird-ohs.

Mr. Wierschem in his own words: “If you’re truly a weird-oh in any sense of the word, then you are welcome at The Peachflame.

“And believe you me, you will feel very comfortable sipping your weird drinks amongst all the other weird-ohs who tend to congregate in the Downtown Fargo area.”

Weirdly, all the letters in Elwood Wierschem can somehow be re-arranged to spell: Weird Ohs Welcome!

Large Quantities Of Hydrogen And Oxygen Found In Fargo’s Water Supply

Fargo concerned about Hydrogen and Oxygen found in city water.

Fargo is quite concerned about Hydrogen and Oxygen found in city water.

Fargo, ND – Some newly-available digital testing instruments have shown that Fargo’s water supply contains unusually large amounts of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Delroy Chitlins is the acting manager of Fargo’s Water Treatment Facility (while Marv Trotman is on an extended unpaid leave of absence):

“Yeah, me and my assistants, we each concurd that we gots lots of Oxygen, and then I’d say, oh, about twice that amount of Hydrogen here in the water, at the plant here, so yeah, that’s pretty much the situation then, for right now,” reports Chitlins.

Until Delroy and his small staff can look into the situation further, Fargo residents are being asked to voluntarily cut back on the amount of water they drink and instead switch to beer.

Chitlins: “Yeah, we’ll letcha know when the coast is clear here, but until that time, just keep on having a few cold ones until we can figure out what the heck is going on here.”

Volunteers Needed As Fargo Seeks To Break Beer Drinking Record

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Volunteer to drink some beer!

Fargo, ND – Worthy volunteers are being sought as Fargo gears up to break the world record for the most amount of binge beer drinking performed during a 48-hour weekend.

The record Fargo seeks to break is “average per capita beer drunk by a group of 250 beer drinkers during 48 hours from 6PM on Friday to 6PM on Sunday”.

Madison, Wisconsin currently holds this world record. Last year, their group of 250 beer drinkers each drank an average of 49 pints of beer.

If you think you have what it takes to help Fargo break the record, and would like to volunteer to be a member of this elite recording-breaking drinking group, please sign up at any of the downtown Fargo bars.

New Designated Driver ‘Party Bus’ Offers Free Rides To Bars In The Fargo Area

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Fargo’s New Party Bus offers free rides to all bars!

Fargo, ND – Fargo is now offering a new free service for those who have been drinking. It is called the Party Bus!

The Party Bus will provide drinkers free rides to and from all bars in the Fargo and West Fargo area. As punishment for tearing down Ralph’s and Kirby’s, Moorhead is not included.

If you and your friends have been drinking quite heavily, perhaps after a heart-breaking Bison football loss, just use your smartphone app to request a free ride to your next pub on the Party Bus!

This free service, which is thoughtfully provided by Alcoholics Anonymous, will only be available from noon to midnight and will run every Thursday through Sunday.

Have you been wanting to get out more and do more binge drinking but were always worried about getting pulled over by the cops? Now you can, and leave all the driving to the Party Bus!

Binge Drinking OKed In Fargodome Suites During Football Games

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Raise your beer pitcher and let’s toast to binge drinking in all suite seats!

Fargo, ND – The Good News: The decision has been made to finally allow binge drinking during Bison football games.

The Bad News: Binge drinking will only be allowed in suites. So, if you’re not in a suite, all your drinking will have to be drunk during the tailing gating party in the parking lot prior to entering the Fargodome.

The Other Good News: The entire Fargodome has now been zoned as one giant “suite”, so no matter where you are, binge drinking will not only be allowed, but encouraged.