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Area Dog Launches Search Party For Own Tail

tailFargo, ND—An area dog, name of Chip, has exhausted all independent efforts to obtain a long, thin appendage that was thought to have been located somewhere near the back side of his body.

Collective efforts are being made to help Chip locate this estranged body part believed to be his tail. Local police have put out an APB on Chip’s tail while he and his owner are conducting an independent search party comprised of some of Chip’s favorite stuffed animals. “He’s never been able to catch it. Now, i’m afraid he’s lost it completely,” said Chip’s owner, Greg.

Neighborhood dogs can be heard voicing their concerns over the disappearance of Chip’s tail during obnoxious late-night barking marathons.

We will continue to update this article as developments in the case are made but for now, let’s sit back & watch Chip chase his tail.