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Society Beginning To Show Signs Of Early Dementia Along With Schizophrenia And Bipolarism

The three windows of collective crazy are schizophrenia, bipolarization, and dementia.

Earth, Milky Way – Social experts are now in unanimous agreement that global society in general is showing all the telltale signs of madness.

Dr. Gamela Dowling explains that all the signs are present to evidence the fact that the world’s human population as a whole is tilting toward group sickness.

Dr. Omega Dingwall says that the three-legged stool of a society going crazy is: 1. demographic dementia, 2. social schizophrenia, and 3. behavioral bipolarity.

Doctors Dowling and Dingwall will carefully continue to observe global society for signs of group sickness as should each and every one of us, as we comfortably sit down to uncomfortably watch the local, national, and world news reports documenting the crazy times in which we live.

Crazily, all the letters in both Omega Dingwall and Gamela Dowling re-arrange into: We All Going Mad!

Prejudicial Scapegoating OK Except When It Comes To Goats

These goats are pissed off, and for good reason.

These goats are pissed off, and for good reason.

Social Circle, Georgia – We all know that in the world of social psychology, the breakdown of healthy family relationships can result in nasty prejudicial scapegoating.

But don’t try telling that to these goats, who say they will have nothing of the sort!

When it comes to unresolved conflicts that can threaten the stability and continuity of family relationship systems, count these goats out. They’re not playing the Scapegoat Game, if you will.

“Anyone who is ‘different’ often becomes the victim and therefore becomes punished by the others”, explained a clearly upset spokesgoat for the Goat Group. “And more often than not, scapegoats who attempt to address unresolved family conflicts end up being held responsible for the very problems they are trying to rectify!”

Luckily, these goats have a time-tested solution which they have found works for them and will hopefully also apply to you and your messed up family situation.

The answer lies in simply disentangling all of the interlocking pathologies that have grown together like weeds in an abandoned garden from which you and your family used to derive pleasure, joy, and that wonderful togetherness which Father Goat intended for all in His flock.

So now, get the flock out of here and go find some greener pastures in which to practice the art of prejudicial scapegoating avoidance.