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Area Mom Under Fire For Bizarre Home-Schooling Tactics

Fargo, ND – Area mother Davia Flexano, a home-schooler, is catching a lot of flack for teaching her son Whick a slanted view of world geography. Flexano, who chose to remain nameless, is having her son learn the states from this flipped-around view of North America:


What the hell?

Wrong? Or just…different?


WTF, right? Is this really how we want an area youth to view our country? With Mexico on top??

Flexano sees things differently. “North is still north; south is south. If I send little Whicker outside to fetch the paper, does he HAVE to walk backwards? No he does not. And when you drive to Wahpeton you don’t drive backwards, now do you? I’m simply teaching the Whickster that not all things he’s shown are how they truly are.”

Others tend to disagree. Flexano neighbor Ænas Gulpmurk has a differing worldview. “Davia need to flip them maps back. America be lookin’ like a unicorn warthog. Poor Whick gonna be drivin’ backwards ‘n on the wrong side of the street ‘n whatnot. He gonna sleep on the ceiling. Gonna be all jacked up.”

What are your thoughts? Should home-schooled children be taught a curriculum that exactly matches that of public schools? Or should parental teachers feel free to immerse their children in topsy-turvy nonconformism?