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How To Find Your Groove Pattern (Before It’s Too Late)

Dr. Moose Gravert can help you find your Groove Pattern in the comfort of your own home.

Groove Park, USA – Have you been thinking you need to find your Groove Pattern?

Many just like you have been yearningly searching for their Groove Pattern before that window completely shuts in their life.

Luckily, your FM Observer has invited Dr. Moose Gravert to conduct some Groove Pattern workshops right here in River City.

Dr. Moose Gravert speaks:

“If you don’t like where you’re at, move to another Groove Pattern. Once we get into the right Groove Pattern, we’re like athletes in the zone.

You can always tell when a Groove Pattern is not working. Finding your Groove Pattern makes life flow better. When you get the right Groove Pattern going, time just flies. When you’re in a Groove Pattern, there is no thinking. Everything just happens.

There’s a feeling behind a Groove Pattern. A good Groove Pattern releases adrenaline in your body like the feeling when you’ve won a prize. You feel that energy. You feel uplifted, centered, calm, and powerful. That’s what good Groove Patterns are all about.

When you’re in a good Groove Pattern, you’re not spinning your wheels. You’re moving forward in a straight and narrow path, unwavering in your purpose. A Groove Pattern is the best place in the world. Because when you are in it, you have the freedom to explore your world.”

Groovily, all of the letters in Moose Gravert can be re-arranged to spell: Groove Master!

FM Observer Is Upping Our Volume And Encouraging Our Readers To Up Yours

Learn how to up the volume in your life!

Fargone, ND – Our very own Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp will be mentoring a master workshop on how to up the volume of your life.

Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp is highly respected in many regions of our region for being the most respected expert on this timely topic.

Lout wishes to share his lifetime of lessons learned on upping the volume of positive experiential life happenings even when things are seemingly seeming to wind down a bit.

If you would like a chance to win free tickets to this incredible workshop, please send $25 to our FMO headquarters and also include a paragraph about the good and bad in your life.

Dr. Lout Vue-Hemp guarantees that after attending his valuable sessions, your life will never be the same.

Expectedly, all the letters in Lout Vue-Hemp can be mentored to spell: Up The Volume!

World’s Fastest Banjo Player Coming To Fargo To Do Free Banjo Workshops

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Banjo Joe is the hummingbird of banjo pickers.

Pickens, West Virginia – The undisputed fastest banjo player in the world is coming to Fargo, North Dakota!

Ol’ Joe Perkins has long been the fastest banjo player in the world.

Banjo Joe first became the world’s fastest banjo player when he was just 19 years old, and has held the title every year for the last seventy years.

He was once clocked picking his banjo at 138 mph.

Clarence “Picker” Chitlins once described Banjo Joe as “the hummingbird of banjo pickers!”

If you are a banjo player looking for some life-changing inspiration, or just want to be totally amazed, Ol’ Joe Perkins will be doing some free workshops at the new Death Valley Retirement Home in Fargo.

Father Of Modern Photography Coming To Fargo

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First picture ever taken by Andre Kertesz which he later colorized with colored pencils.

Fargo, ND – The Fargo-Moorhead Photography Club is excited to announce that Mr. Andre Kertesz who many consider to be the Father of Modern Photography will be coming to the Fargo-Moorhead area to do a photography workshop free-of-charge for the first 500 interested people who respond to this post.

This very special workshop will be held poolside (along with a cash bar) at the Biltmore Motel which is where the lovely Raquel Welch who many consider to be the Mother of Modern Photography chose to stay when visiting Fargo.

Andre Kertesz taught us to think of the camera as a tool through which we can capture a subject’s essence or the main reason why something exists.

Mr. Kertesz believed that in a random world the camera can give reason to everything around us which is how he felt after doing a black and white photo shoot with the ever-beautiful Raquel Welch whom he went on to marry and then subsequently divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

If you would like to join the Fargo-Moorhead Photography Club, simply call Mr. Marv Varvruncle at his home anytime day or night except Sundays.