Ted Talks Top Ted, Ted Tedman, Trucking To Town To Talk Teds


Ted talkin’ Ted

Fargo, ND—The top Ted of Ted Talks, Ted Tedman, is coming to town for a “Talkin’ Ted” Ted Talk.

Ted Talks scheduled two Ted Tedman Ted Talks at the Travelodge the weekend of January 8th and 9th. Tedders with time to talk to Ted about Ted Talks are told to attend.

Ted Talks publicist, Tad: “Ted Talks is excited to bring Talkin’ ‘Bout Ted to Fargo. Ted’s tenacity tends to tempt tense Ted talkers to traverse the tangled trail of Ted Talks. Ted will be talkin’ truth, Ted and Ted Talks twice Thursday, then, two more times twenty two hours from then, then a tertiary talk the 2nd tomorrow. Terrific!”

Tons of tenured “talkers” are told to transport themselves to the Travelodge that Thursday, two hours before ten thirty to tentatively toil in the terrace ’til Talkin’ Ted takes off.

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