Tilda Swinton Adds Fargo Shapeshifting Charity Tour Stop


Will morph 4 U.

Fargo: The Witching Hour is nigh upon you. Famed Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton, best known for her superior acting prowess, is spearheading Breast Cancer Awareness month by bringing one of her lesser-known talents on a nationwide tour for charity.

Tilda Swinton’s Witching Hour gives patrons an up-close glimpse into her uncanny ability to shape-shift. Metaphysical duality will be on live display as Swinton morphs from a human to a ghost, floats aimlessly about the crowd caressing cheeks and twirling hair, then returns to form. This bewildering spectacle can be seen for the low-low price of $69.95 per person, 100% of which Swinton will donate to breast cancer awareness.

In a promotional video (that has been banned by YouTube) Swinton could be seen chanting “You will come. You will witness, in awe, the inspiring movement. You. Will. Experience.”

This marks the fifth consecutive year Tilda Swinton’s Witching Hour tours the nation but only the first time it appears in Fargo.

The witching shall commence at midnight October 29th in a field next to Hector Airport.

A large medium will read palms and minds to open the show.

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