“Yay, Another New Phonebook, Just What I Needed!” Said Nobody

Super Smart Use Of Trees

Super Smart Use Of Trees

Everywhere, USA – Over the last decade, nearly every facet of our society has embraced the concept of going paperless.

We’re encouraged – sometimes downright shamed – to reduce our paper waste by doing everything we can, from recycling paper products and paying our bills online to bringing our own reusable bags to the grocery store.

So how is it possible in this age of awareness and technology that, roughly every three months, a giant tome of totally unnecessary information printed in the world’s smallest font shows up again, unrequested, on our doorsteps?

The FMObserver is here to help with a few solutions for this outrageously outdated squandering of natural resources.

1. Send us your creative ideas for using extra phonebooks, which we will compile into a huge informational guide and distribute city-wide.
2. Hoard your phonebooks until June, when the FMO will use them for kindling at our Readers Appreciation Campfire & S’Mores Party.
3. (Recommended) Opt out of auto-delivery by going online to yellowpagesoptout.com

We hope you’ll join us in the fight against excess in our community! Well, excess phonebooks, anyway.

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