Ladybug Named Insect-Of-The-Year By Entomologists

September 22nd, 2015 | by Johnnny
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Little red bug, oh so cute, here’s a black spot for your suit. –Susan M. Paprocki

Ladysmith, Wisconsin – The Entomological Society of America has just announced that the ladybug is the proud winner of the coveted Insect-of-the-Year Award.

In very close voting, the ladybug beat out the firefly, the monarch butterfly, and the praying mantis.

The ladybug has long been a perennial favorite (except for when it bites) because they are so cute and tame.

The ladybug eats those nasty little aphids which are very harmful because they suck the living juices out of plants.

One ladybug can put down as many as fifty fricking aphids in one sitting.

Many people are starting to host their own ladybug farms right in their own homes as pets for companionship and also to sell for profit to organic gardeners in their locales.

If you want to host a ladybug farm, remember to leave a glass of water out for them to drink. For a little extra fun, occasionally put out a margarita instead and watch all the craziness!

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