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Baltimore Mayor A Paragon Of Political Pragmatism

Cool. Calm. Collected.

Grace Under Fire

Baltimore, Maryland – The mayor of Baltimore will soon be given the Grace-Under-Fire Award by the National Association Of Mayors Institution (NAOMI).

While Baltimore has been given the space and time to be pillaged, looted, and burned, Balitmore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake through it all appeared as calm as the ocean in the eye of a hurricance.

Not only does her general demeanor exude peace and tranquility, but her fashionable hair style is exemplary. “She is everything a mayor should be, and more”, said DC Mayor Muriel Bowser, who noted that Vanity Fair recently included Rawlings-Blake in its list of the Top Ten Best-Dressed Mayors.

Besides being an attorney and mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake also uses her talents as Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, the perfect springboard for seeking higher public office.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stated that her goal as mayor was to grow Baltimore by 10,000 families after she took over as mayor in 2010 in the wake of former Mayor Sheila Dixon resigning following her conviction for embezzling gift cards intended for the city’s poor.

With Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at the helm, the city of Baltimore is in good hands. She seems to be proactively on top of everything as would be expected of an effective mayor of a large city. She also does it all with the style and grace of First Lady Michelle Obama.