Classes, We Are Offering. Yoda Speak, You Shall Learn.

Star_wars_yodaND, Fargo—Proud to announce, FM Observer is: Anastrophe classes, we’re providing. What, anastrophe is? Normal syntactic order of words, the inversion of. Yoda talks, it is how.

Excited to offer them, we are. Take them, you must. Enlighten yourself, you will. Attend, you are welcome to. Wednesday nights, they are scheduled.

Three hours, in length they are. Two months, they will last. Yoda speak, we shall educate you on. Perfect it, you will. Piss off everyone, you shall. Alienate your friends, you are going to.

Include, the program does:

  • Grammatical syntax, the inversion of
  • Vocal inflection, the warbling of

Teach you, we will. Verbal exercises, you must complete. Master a 2nd language, you shall.

$500, it will cost. An 8-week trial, you shall endure. Yoda boot camp, you will call it. Frustrated, you shall turn. Quit prior to graduating, you most certainly will.

F-M Labor Temple, they will be located. 7:00pm, they will start. 10:00pm, they will end. January 15th, it will commence. April 2nd, it will terminate. Insane, you shall go.

Learn to speak Yoda, you must. The Force, you will be with.

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