Government Healthcare Bullies Americans Into Giant SNAFU

October 9th, 2013 | by Johnnny
The new face of healthcare.

The new face of healthcare.

Warshington, DC – As the tentacles of Obamacare grow deeper into what’s left of the American Dream, citizens are being coerced into compliance with a most unpopular law.

President Obama initially blamed the Obamacare website glitches on exceptionally high interest in the newly overhauled health insurance marketplace.

Apparently all the problems being encountered at are because of an unanticipated surge of web traffic from a high demand by people seeking to buy coverage under the new law.

Some may have forgotten that the high level of interest in Obamacare might, instead, be due to the fact that Americans are being mandated to buy government health insurance under the threat of serious fines, tax penalties, and imprisonment.

Being forced into buying something while being threatened is quite different than deciding on your own to make a purchase of your own free will.

Not surprisingly, the day after all the website problems were blamed on high volumes of interest in Obamacare, the government admitted that the problems may have been due to faulty website design and software problems.

Instead of exceptionally high levels of interest being the culprit, it was determined that the website is troubled by sloppy software problems and flaws in the basic architectural design of the system.

In the name of transparency, the Obamadministration has declined to say the total number of enrollees in the new Obamacare system.

To help test the new website, please go to often and leave it up on all of your browsers for long periods of time, so they can see if their website server capacity is adequate to handle all the “interest” in getting signed up for government-run healthcare.

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