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Jim Nantz Receives Sportscasters Guild Perseverance Award For Putting Up With Phil Simms

Consistently great during times of trial.

Consistently great during times of trial.

Los Angeles, CA – The Sportscasters Guild of America held its annual awards ceremony late yesterday. The highlight of the evening (and of every SGA awards show) was the handing out of the coveted Perseverance Award. This is given to the one sportscaster who demonstrates an impressive catalog of broadcast excellence in the face of adversity during the calendar year.

For putting up with Phil Simms twice a week for 10 consecutive NFL regular season telecasts, Jim Nantz was unanimously voted the 2015 recipient.

“Hello friends,” Nantz said as he accepted this prestigious honor, “Jim Nantz with you here on this fine Sunday evening. I’d like to dedicate this award to my partner Phil Simms who just a few hours ago made a handful of illustrated points using nothingspeak and uttered the phrase ‘Well, we talked about this Jeem’ repeatedly, ad nauseum. Couldn’t have done it without you, partner.”

2015 marks the 17th consecutive year Jim Nantz has received this award.