Ancient Roman Ruins Found Just South Of Jamestown, North Dakota

November 13th, 2015 | by Johnnny
Early Roman settlement found South of Jamestown, North Dakota

Early Roman settlement found South of Jamestown, North Dakota

Gackle, ND – A lone deer hunter accidentally discovered some ancient Roman ruins near the town of Gackle, North Dakota.

The Romans are believed to have settled in this rural area of North Dakota after Columbus gave them a ride to America on the Santa Maria.

It is believed that while here, digging for Tyrannosaurus rex bones (which unfortunately became extinct because they tried to raise their minimum wage to exorbitant levels), the Romans were killed off by the Fighting Sioux out of Grand Forks, who were in turn, later wiped out by the NCAA, a notorious left-leaning bureaucracy specializing in political correctness.

To view these amazing Roman ruins with your very own eyes, simply drive straight South out of Jamestown down to County Road 46. Then head on West towards Gackle where you’ll turn onto County Road 56. Go a few miles South where you will want to eventually turn left onto an unmarked gravel road which is near an old barn that’s seen better days. Drive down that gravel road “for awhile” until you see a barbwire fence by some circular hay bales which look like unfrosted maxi-wheats. Then, get out of your car with your camera and cigarettes, and walk about a half mile in any direction, and yell: “Where the hell am I?!”

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