Doug’s Doggy Diner to Open In Fargo

_44663815_dogs_getty_466Fargo, ND—Two things we know are true about man’s best friend: they love to eat and they love to act like people. Have you ever noticed how much fun Rover has riding in the car? Sleeping in your bed? Sitting on your furniture? Spot may not say it out loud, but he desperately wants to participate in all of your human activities—especially eating at the table.

That is just some of the motivation Doug Drangle used when launching his new pup eatery, Doug’s Doggy Diner:

“We set out to combine two of the things dogs enjoy: eating and acting like a person,” said Doug. “At Doug’s, dogs get to take in the human experience of dining among other animals of the same species in an intimate setting.”

Doug’s is working in conjunction with many of the top dog food manufacturers to provide your pup the food it loves, but with a twist.

Check out some of Doug’s exciting canine-themed menu items:

  • IAMS® A-La-Carte – $7.50. Straight-up IAMS®, served in 1 cup portions.
  • Bites of Kibble – $8.25. Kibbles & Bits®, served as an appetizer.
  • Beggin’ New York Strips – $14.75. A handful of Beggin’ Strips®, converted into a 3-ounce “steak”.
  • Blue Buffalo® Burger – $9.95. Blue Buffalo® all-natural dog food, mashed together into a burger patty.
Another satisfied customer!

Another satisfied customer!

Every menu item comes with a dead tree leaves side salad. Bowl of tap water is complimentary.

Doug’s Doggy Diner will renovate and move in to the former Taco Bell building on 10th Street and 1st Avenue North in Fargo. Doug can’t wait to start slingin’ grub for dogs:

“All dogs are welcome to come enjoy this exclusive dining experience. Our ever-expanding menu is sure to please pups of all sizes. Walk right in, sit right down, pee wherever. Get territorial! It’s OK. Our service staff will clean it up!”

Eat, drink, bark your head off and crap on the floor at Doug’s Doggy Diner!

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